An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #6

Hi, friends!

I can’t believe it’s our last week for the book club! I look forward to talking about celebrating and sharing our stories this week! I’m also excited to invite you to celebrate your story and all God is doing on the An Inspired Life Book site. You can add your story, here.

A few things:

1. I’m rocking polka dots again. Thank you, Stitchfix!

2. I recorded two videos, and I actually liked the first video better than this one I’ve posted, but in the first video, my cat is doing some acrobatics in the background (including leaping through the air — seriously — so it’s a little distracting. Hilarious, but distracting. ;)

3. I’m including the Rend Collective song below. Hope you enjoy listening to it this week!

4. We will have our last Twitter party this Thursday. 9 p.m. EST.


An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #5

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to week #5 of the An Inspired Life Book Club!

We’re talking about embracing our current seasons this week — and living creatively (one of my favorite topics)!

Looking forward to chatting more and discovering new ways to add inspiration and creativity to our everyday lives!

An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #3

Welcome to week #3 of The An Inspired Life Book Club! I’m excited to talk about leaning into our seasons this week.

As I mentioned in the video, I’d love to talk about these two things in the comments below:

  1. How are you leaning into your current season and how is that blessing and encouraging you?
  2. Let’s brainstorm some new ways we can each lean into the seasons God is calling us to.

Looking forward to hearing from each of you!

Here’s to another week of living full, inspired lives! :)

P.S. Totally just realized I’m wearing some form of polka dots in every single video so far. Wonder if I can keep that up for the remaining videos? ;) Haha

An Inspired Life Book Club — Week #2

Hi, all! Welcome to week #2 of the An Inspired Life Book club! We’re talking about Chapter 2 this week — Fully & Fearlessly.

I’m really excited to dig into the idea of fearlessness with you all this week. I believe that there’s something God is calling each of us to in our current seasons of life, and I also believe there are certain barriers of both fear and doubt that are hindering each of us from moving confidently toward these callings.

In what areas is God currently calling you to be brave?

For me, I feel God calling me to be brave in a few different areas. The first area is dating. God has been calling me to be brave and intentional when it comes to dating and being prepared for marriage. Dating can be scary and overwhelming at times, especially after we’ve been hurt before, but God is helping me to keep an open heart and to trust that He’s going to be faithful and guide me through the entire process. Another area God is currently calling me to brave in is my writing. He’s opened the door to a few new exciting writing opportunities (including joining the Venture Magazine team as a Featured Content Writer), and He is calling me to be brave when it comes to honestly and vulnerably sharing my words and my stories.

I encourage you to take some time to think about this question (as well as the other Prayerful Prompts at the end of this chapter).

Let’s speak truth and encouragement in the face of the fears confronting us, and let’s practice making courage decisions this week (as Jeff Goins would say).

Can’t wait to hear from each of you!

An Inspired Life Book Club – Week #1

Hi, friends! Welcome to the first week of the An Inspired Life Book Club! :)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading through the first chapter. I’m looking forward to connecting right here in the comments and on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #AnInspiredLife.

For this first week, I’d love for you to take some time to introduce yourself in the comments below. Share your blog address, Twitter, etc. and what inspired you to participate in the book club. We will also be chatting about some of the questions I posed in the video, as well. So feel free to get the discussion going about any of those. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone better and encouraging each other to live fully and creatively this year!

P.S. Don’t forget: We’ll be having the first An Inspired Life Twitter party this Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. 

Okay, so, let’s chat, shall we??! :)

An Inspired Life Book Club Intro Video

Hello, friends!

I recorded this video for you yesterday, but due to some technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to post it until today. It’s just a quick background on what to expect for the An Inspired Life Book club. Please bear with me as I get used to recording the videos, too. ;)

If you have any questions about the book club (which kicks off Monday, February 3), feel free to e-mail me or send me a tweet.

You can sign up for the book club, here.

(And I really encourage you to sign up if you’re wanting to participate, because like I mentioned in the video, I have a fun printable to email everyone who signs up!) :)

Happy Sunday!