Just a little random daydream on a rainy, misty summer Saturday…


Someday, after I have fallen in love with the man I will marry, I shall say to this man whom I love, let’s put on our favorite record and dance in the kitchen.

And we shall. :)





2013’s Theme Song

You might remember that I selected FURTHER as my One Little Word for 2013.

Well, FURTHER has recently acquired a theme song, and I can’t resist sharing it with you all.

Have you heard the song Called Me Higher by All Sons & Daughters? (They are one of my favorite worship bands currently. Their EP The Longing is SO GOOD. Give it a listen if you haven’t before.)

But you have called me higher //  You have called me deeper //  And I will go where you will lead me Lord

This song is the prayer of my heart this year. To go deeper in my faith. To let Him tear walls down and take me FURTHER.

* * *

Are you participating in One Little Word? If so, what would your word’s theme song be?

Staying Creative // Cassidy Robinson

Hi, friends! This week, I’m happy to introduce you to a sweet, talented singer and songwriter/worship leader I met through The Influence Network (P.S. Have you joined yet?! Wow, is it blessing my socks off! I am just amazed and super blessed by the sweet friendships I’m forming through the Network.). ;)

So, without any further rambling from me, I’ll hand it over to Cassidy, so she can share how she’s staying inspired currently:


I just became a mom. I am also an artist. I have figured out in just a few short months that in order to be creative, I have to be more intentional about it. Because creativity can hit at any moment, and so can an explosive diaper, you have to be prepared. So, here are three tools (i.e. apps) that have helped this mama stay creative and keep creating!


Top 3:

Evernote. This has, by far, been one of my favorite apps lately! There are few days when I am able to sit down with my pen and journal and write anymore. Not with a baby who feeds (nearly) every 2 hours. Instead, I have one hand to hold baby and one hand to hold my iPhone, open the Evernote app, and jot down any ideas that are flooding my mind. The great thing about this app is that you can download it on every device you own — and when you write it one place, it syncs everywhere else (seriously great blogging tool!).

Instagram. Who doesn’t love this social network? And really, it has become a wonderful source for creativity. Follow photographers, they post the best stuff! I have had a blast with photo-editing apps that have spurred me to take better photos and create better pictures. Snapseed and Afterglow are my two favorites. If you love photography, or just want to become better at capturing the little moments, spend some time perusing Instagram. I never fail to be inspired.

YouVersion. And finally, my favorite app of all. This is quickly turning my devotional life upside down. Without time in the Word, for me, creativity is pointless. I am inspired when I fix my eyes on Jesus. And like I mentioned, finding time to sit down with my Bible in hand is harder these days — so this app has become SO helpful! I have joined the She Reads Truth community in a Bible study plan. And each day, I get to read God’s word (or even have it spoken aloud to me!) with this wonderful app. I am left more inspired than ever after making His truth a priority in my life.

 That’s it! Three little apps that have made it easy for me to stay creative. Hope it helps you to get inspired, as well!


Cassidy is a worship leader and singer-songwriter. She lives in the sunny state of Florida with her husband, new little boy and sweet golden/lab retriever.  She loves to write about her faith, marriage, being a mom, and music on her blog at cassidyrobinson.com.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us, Cassidy!

* * *

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Oh, How I Need You

I can’t get enough of All Sons and Daughters’ new EP The Longing—especially their song Oh How I Need You.

The lyrics have become the song of my heart this week.

Lord, I find You in the seeking. // Lord, I find You in the doubt. // And to know You is to love You. // And to know so little else. // I need You. // Oh, how I need You.

I’m so thankful that we can always find Him—even in our doubt.

Lord, I find You in the morning. // Lord, I seek You every day. // Let my life be for Your glory, woven in Your threads of grace. // I need You. // Oh, how I need You.

I’m thankful that in Your Light, I will find all I need is You.

Writing, writing, writing.

{ photo by Bonnie Tsang via the Glitter Guide‘s ban.do studio tour; text and circle doodles by me }

I just love this happy image, and I thought it was the perfect visual encouragement for my current eBook-writing adventures. (I wish I was surrounded by brightly colored pieces of confetti while writing!) ;)

I’ve been finding so many inspirational gems over at Pinterest lately, and I’m thankful for all of the beautiful goodness people create and share with the world. I get pretty jazzed up thinking about all of the art out there and the unique stories and visions every artist has to share. I wrote about that a little bit in this post.

Anyway, I’ve got quite a bit of writing to do this weekend, but I won’t be a complete stranger here. I’ve been creating a few pretty moodboards, so I’ll be back to share at least one of those at some point.

A few writing/creating must-haves for me right now:

1. Good tunes (Right now, it’s Katie Herzig’s album The Waking Sleep)
2. Something tasty to sip (a caramel latte, a Cranergy juice, or an Izze soda!)
3. A little chocolate never hurts (York Peppermints, please, and always straight from the fridge, so they’re nice and cold)

What about you? What are your creative quirks or must-haves that help you stay inspired and get stuff done? :)

P.S. I’m also doing some blog brainstorming this weekend. I’d like to switch some things up around here and put together a few more regular features. Any requests? Anything I used to post that you miss? Or something you’d like to see/or see more of?

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful Saturday!

Current Soundtrack: Here Comes Fall

{ photo by LuSarah Seas; typography + doodles by me }

In anticipation of fall (my favorite!) and to inspire me during my eBook writing and designing, I created two new Spotify playlists called Find the Creative Muse and Let’s Write This eBook.

Music is one of my favorite ways to stay inspired, and I find my musical cravings change with the seasons. My two newest playlists make me feel excited for the upcoming fall and everything I hope it will have to offer. And I know that months from now, they’ll take me back to this time and these moments.

Here’s a little sampling of some of the music that’s inspiring me lately:

Madi Diaz (especially her song “A Little Bit”)
Meiko’s new album The Bright Side
Regina Spektor’s song “Us”
Katie Herzig
Rachel Platten
Phillip Phillips’ “Home”

What about you? Do you find yourself listening to certain songs during certain seasons?

Happy Summer Things

A few things making me smile this summer…

1. Izze soda

2. Sorbet topped with sprinkles and chocolately bits (I don’t care what anyone says — chocolate goes with anything!) ;)

3. Moonrise Kingdom

4. Local inspiration/creative events (WMC, for example) P.S. Check out the video above. My friend and I make a brief appearance! ;)

5. Quiet time spent outside

6. Good tunes — like Of Monsters And Men (Take a listen below!) :)

What about you? What are your favorite summer things?

A Weekend Soundtrack & My Heart’s Desire

I just can’t get enough of this song (and this band!):

And this band, too:

I’m feeling closer to Him than I have in a long time, and my heart is beyond thankful. I’ve been rejoicing in the way creativity can share and shine His light and reflect His love.

And lately, I’ve realized just how much it’s my heart’s desire to share the gospel through creativity and making beautiful and meaningful things that point back to Him. Like the quote I recently shared from Shauna Niequist, I, too, believe that God’s story and who He is can be revealed through so many different mediums — through words and poems and stories and paintings.

And it’s on my heart to do that — to keep creating and to keep sharing who He is by being true to who He created me to be.