Staying Creative // Bri From Mod Memento

Staying Creative

Hello, friends! Today, I’d like you to meet my friend, Bri. She’s another sweet friend I connected with through The Influence Network. I just love her creative heart for The Lord, and I have a feeling you will, too. Take it away, Bri! ;)

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As many of you readers may be, I too, am a creative soul.  And I wholeheartedly believe that God designed me this way.  He designed me with a passion to create, as well as a great appreciation for His creation.  This is why I am so humbled and proud to use the gifts and passions he has curated inside me.  Because it means I am ever inching toward the purpose He has for me.

With that in mind, today, I am happy to share just a few of the things that inspire my creative process.
// Solitude //

Since becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom to two little ones, I’ve realized what a gift simple solitude can be.  It’s a rare and fleeting thing for me in my current season of life.  And because it’s so elusive, I find that when I do make the effort to seek it with intention, it energizes and inspires me so deeply.  I use that time for reflection, journaling, reading, praying and dreaming up new art prints for my Etsy shop.

// Observing an art form other than my own //

I consider graphic design and photography to be the two art forms that I am most passionate about and actually produce myself.  But sometimes, the very thing that inspires me most is taking part in a completely different art form than my own.  Music makes my heart sing.  And although I am not a musician myself, it’s a form of art that inspires me daily.  I also appreciate film, jewelry making, and the masterful art of the written word.

// A Change of Scenery // 

Again, due to the current season of young motherhood that I’m in, I find that a simple change of scenery always helps to rejuvenate my senses and spark my creativity.  Last year, my husband and I took a trip to Sonoma, California.  And for this east coast girl, it was such a wonderful experience!  The weather, the breathtakingly beautiful vineyards, the culture of wine country, and the time away from my usual routine was so life-giving.  I came back home with a notebook full of new creative ideas to pursue.

So, there you have it, my current favorite ways to stay artful and inspired.  Creativity is so unique and gracious, isn’t it?  Thanks for reading!

Bri Carlisle is a Blogger, Graphic Designer, and Etsy Shop Owner.  She lives just outside of Philadelphia with her husband of seven years and two fun kiddos who help sanctify her daily.  You can visit her at her blog, Mod Memento, where she attempts to photojournal her simple, yet beautiful life alongside thoughts about motherhood, faith, and artful living.  Also connect at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us, Bri!

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How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter: #BeInspiredStayCreative.)

Staying Creative // Natalie From Good Girl Style

 Staying Creative

Hi, friends! After a short break, I’m back with a new Staying Creative feature. Yay! And I’m so excited to introduce you to this week’s guest, Natalie from Good Girl Style. She’s quickly becoming a dear online friend, and I think she’s pretty awesome and inspiring. ;) You know how sometimes you meet someone you just click with, and you know you’re going to be friends? Well, it was just like that when I discovered Natalie’s blog through The Influence Network, and we started e-mailing and chatting.

I shall now turn it over to Natalie, so she can share some of her current inspirations. :)

{Coffee, Magazines, and Jesus Music = Happy Natalie}

Being a happy girl with a poet’s heart, everything inspires me. I actually have inspiration overload sometimes and can’t focus. Which is why I {try to} limit my caffeine intake and why I am a frequent user of the Twitter hashtag #caffeinecrazy (join me, it’s fun!). Anyway, when Katie asked me to share my inspirations, it was tough to narrow it down, but I did some good thinking and some pencil-chewing (what is the computer/typing version of that??) and these three rose to the top:

      1.) Thrifting. I get so inspired by the crazy-wonderful things I find thrifting and the whole experience. It is a treasure-hunt, gold-mine of happy and unique things. Lately, I’ve picked up a small sunshine-yellow pitcher, vintage Nancy Drew books, and  a small picnic-basket-like wicker purse.

      2.) Magazines are some of my favorite things to spend time with (that sounds weird!), and I love to be able to highlight, underline, bookmark, carry around with me, read over and over again in the middle of the night, tear out & stick on my walls with washi tape, etc. I enjoy the texture of the paper, the smell of ink on paper, and the beauty of a glossy, colorful magazine. Some of my favorites are: Darling Magazine, Life:Beautiful, People Style:Watch, Martha Stewart Living, Whole Living, and Natural Health.

      3.) Quotations. I have long been a collector of quotations and have filled notebooks completely with my collection. They offer me endless inspiration for my day, my creative life, and my goals.

{I’m also inspired by pink!}


I’m a writer, baker, dreamer, inspire-r, happy girl who loves Jesus. I write about faith-based fashion and finding beauty in our everyday lives. I strive to gather as much “beautiful” as I can each day and share it with you on my blog, Good Girl Style. Let’s be friends, yeah?

Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us, Natalie!

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How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter: #BeInspiredStayCreative.)

Staying Creative // Cassidy Robinson

Hi, friends! This week, I’m happy to introduce you to a sweet, talented singer and songwriter/worship leader I met through The Influence Network (P.S. Have you joined yet?! Wow, is it blessing my socks off! I am just amazed and super blessed by the sweet friendships I’m forming through the Network.). ;)

So, without any further rambling from me, I’ll hand it over to Cassidy, so she can share how she’s staying inspired currently:


I just became a mom. I am also an artist. I have figured out in just a few short months that in order to be creative, I have to be more intentional about it. Because creativity can hit at any moment, and so can an explosive diaper, you have to be prepared. So, here are three tools (i.e. apps) that have helped this mama stay creative and keep creating!


Top 3:

Evernote. This has, by far, been one of my favorite apps lately! There are few days when I am able to sit down with my pen and journal and write anymore. Not with a baby who feeds (nearly) every 2 hours. Instead, I have one hand to hold baby and one hand to hold my iPhone, open the Evernote app, and jot down any ideas that are flooding my mind. The great thing about this app is that you can download it on every device you own — and when you write it one place, it syncs everywhere else (seriously great blogging tool!).

Instagram. Who doesn’t love this social network? And really, it has become a wonderful source for creativity. Follow photographers, they post the best stuff! I have had a blast with photo-editing apps that have spurred me to take better photos and create better pictures. Snapseed and Afterglow are my two favorites. If you love photography, or just want to become better at capturing the little moments, spend some time perusing Instagram. I never fail to be inspired.

YouVersion. And finally, my favorite app of all. This is quickly turning my devotional life upside down. Without time in the Word, for me, creativity is pointless. I am inspired when I fix my eyes on Jesus. And like I mentioned, finding time to sit down with my Bible in hand is harder these days — so this app has become SO helpful! I have joined the She Reads Truth community in a Bible study plan. And each day, I get to read God’s word (or even have it spoken aloud to me!) with this wonderful app. I am left more inspired than ever after making His truth a priority in my life.

 That’s it! Three little apps that have made it easy for me to stay creative. Hope it helps you to get inspired, as well!


Cassidy is a worship leader and singer-songwriter. She lives in the sunny state of Florida with her husband, new little boy and sweet golden/lab retriever.  She loves to write about her faith, marriage, being a mom, and music on her blog at

Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us, Cassidy!

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How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Staying Creative // Margaret from Floral & Frayed

Hello, and Happy Monday, friends! I’m back with the latest Staying Creative feature. I met Margaret on Twitter a few months ago, and I just love her sweet heart and encouraging blog. I’m so happy to have her join us today to share what’s been inspiring her lately.

Staying Creative


So, here we go! Are you ready to get inspired?! ;)

 Here are Margaret’s current inspirations:

1. I just adore kids. They continue to inspire me with their fresh, youthful attitude and their funny personalities.

2. My journal has become a collection of many things: prayers, inspiring words, excerpts of magazines, color palettes, etc. Journaling helps me compile some of my favorite things in one place. Whenever I’m feeling a little uninspired, I know that I can flip through my journal and find some words of wisdom.

3. I am definitely a morning person. I love having that quiet time to myself before the rest of the world wakes up. I don’t always wake up with time to spare, but when I do, my whole day starts off right.

4. Lately, I’ve been inspired by simple things. I’ve been on a clean sweep, sorting through my things and ridding myself of items that I don’t need. One of my goals for 2013 is to learn how to live with less. 

5. I just love calligraphy, my eye is always drawn to it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of taking a calligraphy class, and I even started my own hand lettered project for 2013. 


1 (via my instagram @floralandfrayed) // 2 // 3 // 4 // 

Margaret is an unconventional college girl who can be found staying in on a Friday night with a latte and an episode of New Girl. She balances her days between classes, teaching dance, and blogging. In her spare time, you can find her at used bookstores, on Pinterest, or at Goodwill. She writes about life, style, and faith at

Thanks for sharing your story + inspirations with us, Margaret!

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How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)

Staying Creative // Christy @ My Wings Are Made of Faith

Staying Creative

Hi, friends! This week, I’m excited to introduce you to Christy! I met Christy a few years ago, and I’ve been so blessed by her sweet heart for the Lord. She has such a beautiful way of sharing that heart, too, through her words and her artwork and her God-given passions. I think you’ll be as encouraged and inspired by her as I am.

Take it away, Christy! ;)

Inspirations. Growing up, I’m not sure I ever really knew what inspired me. I was always creative. Making up dramatic plays in my grandmother’s basement. Writing stories. Drawing pictures and in love with colored pencils and pens, crayons, and markers. I’d say that my best friend growing up was my imagination. I could go anywhere, do anything, and be anything.

College years came and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I remember my mom taking me to a career fair. My dad really wanted me to be a nurse. Me, I fainted at the sight of blood and hospitals made me weak in the knees. Even though I didn’t know what my calling was, the one career path that stood out to me that night was that of a graphic designer.

I couldn’t draw. I couldn’t paint like Vincent van Gogh. I couldn’t put together a 3-D object. Sketching models and still lifes, yeah, not so much. And I still can’t do any of those things. The first 2 years of college I struggled with the foundational art classes, and I struggled to understand why my heart fell in love with design in the first place. It wasn’t until my junior year in college that I started to excel. Typography, page layout, color, photography — that was what I was good at, and I saw at that point the true reason why my heart felt called to design.

portfolio sample

It’s been almost ten years since I graduated college and design inspires me, but I now realize that was only a catalyst to get to now. You see, God is changing me. A successful design career carried me financially through four very turbulent years. During a series of trying life events, God revealed to me a new inspiration, a new passion. And while I still love design, and it plays a role in my life, my new calling is helping people heal emotionally.

I share that little background story because I feel it’s important to realize that inspirations of yesterday will lead to tomorrow’s inspirations. I don’t believe for a second that you will always be inspired by the same things, especially as you learn, grow, and seek. What inspires you today will lead you to your biggest dreams — if you let it naturally carry you through the sometimes difficult, yet meaningful lessons in life. That being said, these are the three things that are currently inspiring me …


1. Faith. God’s love for me inspires the deepest part of me. For years, it was the only thing that could get me out of bed in the morning. I was exhausted. Lonely. Heartbroken. Empty. But it was He, through His Word, His comfort, and His encouragement that kept me pressing on. He had a much greater purpose for my life—much greater than the graphic designer that I could see. The way that God gently pushes me past my comfort zone to help me live out my passions energizes me.


2. My husband. Jason is my biggest fan. He supports my blogging, my creative adventures, and my dreams. Sometimes the overly organized house, constantly wanting to take creative photos, and my attraction to all things vintage and pretty drives him a little crazy, but he still helps me find ways to follow where God is leading me.

3. People. Everyone has a story to tell. They want to find meaning and a purpose. They want to know how to move forward in a time of crises. As an EPT practitioner (coaching people through an emotional healing process), I get to see people go from a broken spirit to living a full and joyful life. This inspiration has me embarking on my biggest project yet—52 Weeks of Wholly Healing for the mind, body, & soul.

I know that none of the three things I listed as my inspirations are “creative” in the sense of “art.” If you would’ve asked me four years ago, I would’ve said color, typography, and a good book. Those things still inspire me, but they inspire me to creatively share my thoughts at My Wings Are Made of Faith though typographic elements, photos, and real-life stories of struggle and joy.

I love how the simple inspirations of today blossom into a life of passion & joy …

Christy is a wife, a designer, EPT Practitioner (Emotional Healing), & heart-sharer at My Wings Are Made of Faith. She’s passionate about a naturally healthy home, being the daughter of a heavenly Father, and helping others find healing. Her   biggest project yet is taking her readers on a 52-week journey to getting wholly healthy— a year of slowly getting rid of the baggage we carry— emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and creating new, healthy habits. Look for Christy on Facebook  and Twitter.

Thanks for sharing your story + inspirations with us, Christy!

* * *

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Staying Creative // Lisa Galek

Staying Creative

Hi, friends! I’m back with the next installment of my Staying Creative series. I’m excited to introduce you all to Lisa — an inspiring friend of mine who shares my love for words. Her inspirations definitely speak to my word-loving heart, and I hope you’re as inspired by her interview as I was.



First of all, big thanks to Katie for letting me contribute to this series and inviting me to appear on her beautiful and inspiring blog!

So, what’s inspiring me right now? Well, that’s a good question.


This one is kind of obvious, right? Who doesn’t love working for themselves? Who wouldn’t be inspired by a new adventure every day? Well, it took me a long time to get here.

It’s kind of weird to think of myself as an “artist.” Up until a few months ago, I probably would have thought of myself as a regular old cubicle dweller. Certainly not as someone anyone else would look to for inspiration. I was working as an editor for a major company in Cleveland, and while my work was creative, that creativity was squeezed in between endless meetings, deadlines, and paperwork. I badly needed some inspiration in my life.

The thing I missed most while doing my job was actually writing. Since I was mostly reworking other people’s stuff, I didn’t have as much opportunity to come up with things on my own. Yes, editing is creative, but I had an itch and I needed to scratch it.

So, I decided to make a change.

I quit the regular job and started doing freelance writing. Though quitting a full-time job in a bad economy seems insane, so far it’s worked out pretty well (thanks to the support of my awesome husband). So, why is writing and working on my own terms so inspirational?

  • I get to write. Every day. Yay!
  • I set my own schedule every week. That means lots of working in my P.J.’s.
  • Every week is something new and different. New assignments, new projects, new ideas and inspiration.
  • I’m my own boss. ‘Nuff said.

But the #1 one reason freelance writing is so awesome and inspirational…


Being at home more has given me a chance to spend more time with my family, which includes my two lovely daughters – Elizabeth and Gwendolyn.


My girls inspire my work in so many ways. Sometimes its obvious, like when I’m working on writing geared towards kids. Sometimes, they’re just laughing at my corny jokes (kids love fart jokes, which makes me feel better when I throw one in somewhere). But, most of the time they’re just hanging around, being their adorable selves, and lighting up my life.

Of course, there are always those times where I have to throw on the TV so I can proofread something (“Hold on, girls, Mommy is looking up the correct spelling of the word “latte”). So, I’m grateful when they don’t freak out over my work and home worlds colliding.

#3 – BOOKS

Last, but definitely not least. Books always inspire me. Any time I have questions, worries, concerns, or just down time, I turn to books. (Sure, I also turn to people too, but until I can resurrect Jane Austen and make her my best friend, I’m still gonna need to keep my copy of Pride and Prejudice handy).

Pretty much the only downside to being a freelance writer and mom is that these other awesome things take away from the precious time I could be spending with books. Sure, family and writing come first, but books are my first love.

Before I could write, before my daughters were even though of, there were books. And I was a reader. So, anytime I get a chance to snuggle up with one of my favorites or a new favorite-in-the-making, I take it.

Here’s a little tribute to my all-time good reads:

  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
  • Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  • Slaughter-House Five by Kurt Vonnegut
  • New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  • Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
  • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
  • The Bible by God (and various other folks)

So, that’s what’s inspiring me right now. How about you?

Lisa is a freelance writer and editor, and you can connect with her via her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations and creative journey with us, Lisa!

* * *

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Staying Creative // Marissa

Staying Creative

Hello, friends,

I’m happy to share another Staying Creative feature with you this morning. I’ve known Marissa for a few years now (I was blessed to meet her through some creative work). I love her heart for creativity and making a difference in the world. That heart shines through all of the art that she creates. I know you’ll be as inspired by her as I am.

bowers hshot katie

And now, I shall pass over the cursor to Marissa, and let her chat with you all about her creative process and what’s been inspiring her lately. :)

Life has been an intentional process for me for 3 years now. Before that I was a full-time Design Manager for a crafty publishing company. I worked on the coolest books ever. I wasn’t the best manager, and the time came for me to leave those days behind and spread my creative wings. It’s been a series of incredible highs and extreme lows since then, and when people say “You’ll find yourself’ in the in-between,” they weren’t kidding. I’ve had 16 cents to feed my 3 children one night, but then took a trip of a lifetime to document the wedding of a best friend in the amazing country of Costa Rica (her first international trip and destination wedding!) (I’m not kidding when I say that since the moment of leaving the day job, I’ve had highs and lows!)

 But the in-between is where I’ve found myself. The in-between is where I’ve become a better artist, a better wife, and a better mother. I wouldn’t have believed it three years ago had you told me I’d go through all that I have, but I’m here today to tell you that the process is real and the process is promising, and I still don’t know where it ends, but I’m along for the journey.

My current inspirations:

#1 My surroundings

I’ve confidently become one of ‘those’ people who look at everything around them and take it all in where I am at at any given moment. When I’m on a shoot with my Canon (typically photographing an adorable family or someone who needs some amazing headshots) — I’ve noticeably been taking those breaks while doing that to look to the sky that’s setting before me and snap a few, or take note of the bare tree blowing in front of my sightline or to look at the row of historic buildings that line up in perfect visual perspective just around the corner that I’m shooting at. When you forcibly stop and remind yourself to notice these things — trust me — you’ll see colors of the rainbow you’ve never even thought possible or appreciate the texture of a building you’ve driven by a million times before. If I don’t have my fancy camera with me, my iPhone does the same amazing thing. It paints a picture of the world before me.

covington building bw

cov december#2 The written word

I was first a lover of the written word long before I became a designer and then a photographer. I strongly believe that’s how I came to be a designer with a love for photography, too. I loved that a career in graphic design taught me that the visual and the written word have space together, working in tandem to visually communicate what your brain wants to see AND feel. I read blogs that encourage the inner writer I long to find again; I read books like this goodie I must have picked up at an antique store or rummage sale long ago, Painting as a Pastime by none other than Winston Churchill. It is a short essay from Churchill in that he talks about finding art (his in particular, painting) to rid your mind of the other things weighing you down. He quotes an unnamed American psychologist in the book that says, “ ‘Worry is a spasm of the emotion; the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.’  It is useless to argue with the mind in this condition. The stronger the will, the more futile the task. One can only gently insinuate something else into its convulsive grasp. And if this something else is righty chosen, if it is really attended by the illumination of another field of interest, gradually, and often quite swiftly, the old undue grip relaxes and the process of recuperation and repair begins.” I read these words recently and knew that my process these last few years was certainly a time of recuperation and repair, and that every small creative step I make is a leap towards bigger things that I can’t even put in perspective just yet. That’s what’s so exciting about leading a creative journey!

Churchill goes on to say in the essay that to be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real. My cameras, my computer, and my right-sided-all-the-time creative brain (that loves to write but is buried in fear about it) all make up my hobby list and always have since I can remember.

I think I’m following Churchill’s advice quite perfectly, don’t you?

churchill book

churchill book pattern#3 Work that inspires me to inspire others

In 2012, I applied for a photo editor position for a website I had come across called The High Calling. Its purpose is simple — to communicate to the business person that their values, faith, and religion have a spot in the workplace just as their drive and determination do — in fact it should be their faith that calls them to be the best businessperson they can be. I instantly resonated with the message of the website, and one week later saw the position posted for photo editor. It was divine timing, for sure. I’m sad to say that I didn’t get the nod to be photo editor, but even better, they asked me to be a contract designer for them and read their articles, find some photos, and put the two together and submit it for them to share with their own readers. Even more than the photo editor position, this was a calling and a job that came at a perfect time. I love their articles, and in turn, I can create art that reinforces their message. It was truly a win-win for me, and each week, as I comb through the content and my brainlog of what image might work with what words—I am thankful, so very thankful—for an incredible opportunity that I can call work. Work that inspires me to inspire others — there is nothing more perfect to me.

thc brokenness

thc fearfully

thc the prize“We must not be too ambitious. We cannot aspire to masterpieces. We may content ourselves with a joy ride in a paint-box.” I’m definitely along for the ride, are you? And although my paint-box is ever expanding, I continue to fill myself with the goodness of being inspired and staying creative.

thc choose joy

Thanks for sharing your journey + inspirations with us, Marissa! :)

* * *

Marissa is a designer, photographer, and writer. Surrounded by 3 amazingly creative children (she likes to think she has something to do with that!) and a husband who gets annoyed with the red dots on her iPhone (we balance each other perfectly!), she knows she’s been blessed beyond measure. Her website is, but mostly, you can find her spending loads of ample creative time on Instagram and Facebook.

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Staying Creative // Jordan of Create Like Crazy

Staying Creative

Hi, friends! I’m excited to be back with the next feature in my Staying Creative series. Today’s guest is Jordan Brantley of Create Like Crazy. Her blog is another one on my must-read list. It’s full of inspiring features that encourage you to live a creative life (right up my alley, right?!). ;) I always find refreshment when I stop by her site. (Be sure to check out her Behind The Blog interviews, Lessons in Inspiration, and all of her great art + design posts!)

And now, I’m turning it over to Jordan, so she can share her current inspirations:


I’m realizing more and more how important it is to have resources of inspiration for those days when it just doesn’t come easily. This is especially true for creative business owners. Our paychecks depend on our creativity! 


The things inspiring my creative process recently have (surprisingly?) been away from the computer. Pinterest is great, of course, but sometimes, the real world can be much more exciting. 

Here are my current top 3:

Publications. Since a lot of my job as a designer is coming up with creative ways to present information, printed resources are a great way for me to get my hands on fresh inspiration. I love tearing out pages and making notes right there on the page! 

“Just browsing.” When I worked at J. Crew, I would often get the “just browsing” response from customers when I offered my assistance. Although this is not so great for the stores conversion rates, it can be an amazing source of inspiration. I often go into Anthropologie just to check out their displays. (And check out the sale rack, of course! ) They always amaze me with their creative ideas and use of everyday material to create something beautiful. I have gained a lot of color and pattern inspiration from browsing retail stores, as well! 


Friends! I’ve been incredibly blessed by so many creative people, especially the wonderfully talented women who contribute to CLC. Every time I am in contact with any of them, I come away encouraged, motivated, and FULL of fresh ideas! It is easy — for those of us who work from home especially — to become disconnected and let our relationships become distant. I encourage you to keep your relationships at the top of your priority list and make a point to connect with other creative people. The blogging community is a wonderful place to find other creatives to connect with and build lasting relationships. That is my favorite part of blogging by far!  


Thank you, Katie, for including me in your wonderfully creative + community-building feature! I can’t wait to meet others through your blog and learn new ways of finding inspiration! 

Thanks for sharing your inspirations, Jordan!

 * * *

Jordan Brantley is a designer living in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Chris. When she’s not doing design work, blogging on Create Like Crazy, or creating new products for her Etsy store Ink + Paper, she’s dreaming up her next crazy endeavor! 

{All photos courtesy of Jordan.}

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)


Staying Creative // Allie From Be Up & Doing

Staying CreativeHi, friends,

I’m excited to be kicking off a new creative series this week. The idea behind my Staying Creative series is to feature the current inspirations of other artists, designers, writers, and bloggers. By sharing how we’re all staying engaged in our artistic pursuits, it is my hope that we can create community and inspire each other to keep creating. :-) Each feature will include three things currently inspiring the creative process of the person being featured.


For the first in the series, I’m excited to introduce Allie Lehman from Be Up & Doing. Allie’s blog is one of my regular reads, and I love following along on her adventures in life and design, reading her insightful tips for blogging, and being inspired to do some exploring via her city guides. 

(P.S. Here’s her guide for Cleveland! Do you spot your city?)

Now on to Allie’s inspirations:


1. Working with tangible products: I’ve recently brought on a few clients who are selling or promoting real products. It’s so fun to experience things by touching them or learning about the time that is put in to making them. Very different than working digitally.


2. Photography: While I’m blogging or designing, I’m not interacting very much with other human beings (mostly just my dog). Taking on photography + booking portrait sessions has really inspired me and motivated me to get outside with other people!


3. My home: We just moved into a new townhouse, and I finally have an office! I have had a lot of fun decorating and adding in new pieces of furniture. As I type this, however, my desk is a mess! Sometimes it’s hard to stay neat while you’re busy.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations, Allie! 

* * *

Allie Lehman is an independent designer living in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and cutie pie dog. Recently self-employed, Allie works with individuals and small businesses to enhance and unify their visual brand. When she’s not designing, she’s either bloggingsnapping photos, or helping others learn through online sessions

{All photos courtesy of Allie.}

How are you staying creative these days? I’d love to hear about your current inspirations. (You can use this hashtag to share them on Twitter:  #BeInspiredStayCreative.)