My Summer Heart


As we head toward the summer months, I can’t help but do a little dreaming and thinking about how I will savor the season and delight in all its blessings.

My heart is filled with all I hope to do and learn; it’s filled with the wonder and possibility that comes with each new season’s approach.

This summer…

  • I hope to spend time learning more about typography and practicing and developing my own unique lettering style.
  • I hope to whip up many batches of Almond Milk Iced Caramel Lattes, enjoying them porchside or poolside with inspiring books and people.
  • I hope to eat lots of in-season fruits and veggies, experiencing all the flavors and colors of summer.
  • I hope to make many trips to the market for fresh flowers and produce and local treats. (We have some of the best farmers markets in my city, and I’m finding that a morning spent wandering around the market, hot coffee in hand, is one of the loveliest ways to begin a sunny Saturday. I can’t wait to visit all of the different markets this summer.)

What about you? What’s on your list and your heart?

Making seasonal dream lists is one of my favorite ways to embrace where God has me. I love the changing seasons, and I love measuring my own life in seasons (so much more about that in my upcoming book!). Creating these lists makes my heart happy.

I’m not rushing away the spring just yet, though. I’m loving the clean, earthy smell after the rain — the smell of newness and fresh beginnings and hope. I’m loving the open windows and the cool mornings, the blossoms and blooms, and all the bright new greenery that’s filling out tree branches that stood quietly and patiently waiting all winter long.

My heart has been there, too.

And as the spring brings its possibilities and warmth, sunshine and color, and hints of all the summer days ahead, I can feel God bringing those same things to this hopeful, dreaming summer heart of mine.

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design + typography by me

2 thoughts on “My Summer Heart

  1. {kayleigh taber} says:

    What a great idea to seasonal dream lists!!! The hubby and I may have to do that…we want to work on goals and such, this may be a good way to start that!!

  2. lovecourtxoxo says:

    Wishing I had the ingredients to make one of those iced carmel almond milk lattes right about now! The top of my summer to-do list is camping and going to a music festival…oh, and a drive in movie theater visit!!

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